TOP news

  1. BBC News (World)
    BBC News (World): Syria war: Arab-Kurdish fighters enter IS-held Deir al-Zour province

  2. Kyle Griffin
    Kyle Griffin: New Nike commercial celebrates 5 Middle Eastern female athletes

  3. BBC News (World)
    BBC News (World): Gay, trans and illegal. We look at the Lebanese law that means you can be arrested for homosexual sex:

Virtual Reality

  1. Entrepreneur
    Entrepreneur: 7 New Opportunites Virtual Reality May Create | by @tihelennyc

  2. TNW
    TNW: Google's new tech turns VR headsets invisible

  3. The Verge
    The Verge: Samsung’s incubator lab is getting seriously into virtual and augmented reality

  4. Berci Meskó, MD, PhD
    Berci Meskó, MD, PhD: 5 Ways Medical Virtual Reality Is Already Changing Healthcare #digitalhealth #VR

US Election 2016

  1. The Socialist Party
    The Socialist Party: @realDonaldTrump Only 25.5% of people eligible to vote in the 2016 election chose you. 74.5% of people did not want you to be President!

  2. The Independent
    The Independent: Trump insists his advisers were not in contact with Russia during the election. Russia says otherwise…

  3. Variety
    Variety: Why @LionMovie may be the perfect antidote to post-election malaise #Oscars

  4. Malcolm Nance
    Malcolm Nance: LAST CHANCE. INTERNATIONAL SPY MUSEUM - International Spy Museum Luncheon with Malcolm Nance, Thurs 23 Feb


  1. Joe Hill
    Joe Hill: Do you need a break from the guy? I do. Some essential reading on the subject of escaping You-Know-Who.

  2. Salon
    Salon: For centuries people have used sunlight to filter water, but a new solar technology could be a game changer

  3. IBM Watson
    IBM Watson: How #cognitive technology reduces training time and costs:

  4. The New York Times
    The New York Times: "It is likely that no living person in history has ever been as famous as Mr. Trump is right now"


  1. Maria Popova
    Maria Popova: Schopenhauer, born on this day in 1788, on the essential difference between how art and science illuminate the worl…

  2. CNN
    CNN: Meet the man working with NASA to 3D print a colony on Mars

  3. Rob Tornoe
    Rob Tornoe: To review: The media is fake, our constituents are fake, and science is fake.

  4. Climate Reality
    Climate Reality: “We’re doing our jobs, it’s business as usual.” @NASA defiantly continues to post about #ClimateChange