TOP news

  1. Independent US
    Independent US: Russia has just been voted off the UN Human Rights Council

  2. BBC Breaking News
    BBC Breaking News: Russia's President Putin denies his military's request to restart air strikes against rebels in Aleppo

  3. BBC Breaking News
    BBC Breaking News: Russia military asks President Putin for permission to restart air strikes against Aleppo rebels after 10-day pause

Virtual Reality

  1. Mashable
    Mashable: Peer inside the Dark Realm of #DoctorStrange through these VR creations

  2. Upload 🎃
    Upload 🎃: The team at @VirtualUmbrella imparts their wisdom on how to create a virtual reality startup. via @Hero_Kvatch #VR

  3. Out Magazine

  4. Fast Company
    Fast Company: Soon your doctor might prescribe virtual reality instead of painkillers

US Election 2016

  1. The Atlantic

  2. The Boston Globe
    The Boston Globe: .@Joan_Vennochi: The FBI’s handling of Clinton’s e-mails — 11 days before the election — is just plain wrong.…

  3. Bill McKibben
    Bill McKibben: Likely to be hottest Halloween on record in US--and quite possibly election day too

  4. Strobe Talbott
    Strobe Talbott: This is not #Russia’s first attempt to interfere in a US presidential election. @BrookingsFP's @MorelandBW explains:


  1. Natalie Bennett
    Natalie Bennett: Great news - but astonished to learn from this that Ed Balls is adviser to #Uber: #beyondparody

  2. CNN
    CNN: Soylent pauses sales of its signature powder after users report nausea and vomiting

  3. The Guardian
    The Guardian: Uber ruling is a massive boost for a fairer jobs market

  4. Harvard Biz Review
    Harvard Biz Review: To take advantage of digital technology, established companies must shake up their partner networks.


  1. Johnson Space Center
    Johnson Space Center: Are you dressing up in a space-themed costume for Halloween? We want to see! Send us your pictures by tagging…

  2. HuffPostEducation
    HuffPostEducation: Young girls are closing the gender gap in science achievement

  3. Climate Reality
    Climate Reality: New data from @NASA shows that yet again, the planet had a record-warm month

  4. JM Alvarez-Pallete
    JM Alvarez-Pallete: Your smartphone is millions of times more powerful than @NASA’s combined computing in 1969. @ValaAfshar.