TOP news

  1. The Independent
    The Independent: WikiLeaks emails 'link Turkey's oil minister to Isis oil trade'

  2. BBC News (World)
    BBC News (World): UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and US call for ceasefire in eastern Aleppo

  3. The Independent
    The Independent: Women in Lebanon are being forced to marry their rapists

Virtual Reality

  1. The Verge
    The Verge: Cracking the elaborate code: why body language holds the key to virtual reality

  2. TIME
    TIME: Check out LIFE VR’s Pearl Harbor experience at the Newseum in D.C. on Dec. 5th through the 8th

  3. WIRED
    WIRED: Storyboard VR makes rapid prototyping for virtual reality so simple that almost any designer can use it:

  4. LIFE
    LIFE: On the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks, see the historic event in virtual reality:

US Election 2016

  1. Howard Dean
    Howard Dean: News Coverage of the 2016 General Election: How the Press Failed the Voters

  2. New York Magazine
    New York Magazine: Michelle Obama was not about to stay up and watch Hillary lose

  3. Philip Bump
    Philip Bump: Trump still, post-election, is saying the murder rate increased the most in 45 years. It didn't.

  4. Jay Rosen
    Jay Rosen: 86 pieces of journalism wisdom published in the month since the election. Darkest moment for the press since WWI.


  1. Farhad Manjoo
    Farhad Manjoo: The Gadget Apocalypse Is Upon Us. My new column on the troubles of hardware companies @nytimes.

  2. Dr. Joe Abah
    Dr. Joe Abah: "Technology is a wonderful servant but a terrible master." - Aruna Roy of India. #OGP16

  3. CP24
    CP24: Scientists develop mind-controlled robotic hand for people with quadriplegia

  4. Anshul Saxena
    Anshul Saxena: Israel turns to ISRO for collaborations. Great, let's work together in space technology. Isro also launched Israeli Spy Satellite in 2008 :)


  1. Mark Ruffalo
    Mark Ruffalo: You wonder how fake news got it's rise? The product of denying science and fact for 30yrs and asking a whole politi…

  2. OECD
    OECD: Which is the only country, per #OECDPISA, in which girls are more likely to be better in #science than boys? (PDF)

  3. Raw Story
    Raw Story: Here’s how the US empire will devolve into fascism and then collapse — according to science

  4. Science Channel
    Science Channel: There is more water on Mars than scientists previously expected!