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  1. Stefan Molyneux
    Stefan Molyneux: For the cost of resettling 10,000 refugees in the United States - 121,797 can be resettled in the Middle East.

  2. Stefan Molyneux
    Stefan Molyneux: One Year Cost of Resettling a Middle Eastern Refugee by Location In Middle East: $1,057 In United States: $12,874

  3. Ben Shapiro
    Ben Shapiro: To be fair, he didn't get four people killed and ruin a series of countries in the Middle East.

Virtual Reality

  1. Chris Roetter
    Chris Roetter: I can't be the only one that thinks virtual reality looks like a huge headache..

  2. Darshan Shankar
    Darshan Shankar: The entry cost of VR gets lower and lower... @Samsung GearVR is now just $60 on Amazon (normally $100)

  3. Sports Illustrated
    Sports Illustrated: Penn State athletics and EON Sports VR launched a virtual reality channel (via @SportTechie)

  4. 500 Startups
    500 Startups: The Future of #Virtual Reality -- 16 Things You'll Be Doing In the Almost-Matrix: #VR

US Election 2016

  1. CNN Politics
    CNN Politics: Racial issues have been a constant and troubling feature of the 2016 presidential election

  2. Breaking News
    Breaking News: Gabon opposition leader Ping: 2 killed as presidential guard and police attack his party's headquarters - Reuters

  3. Following Mexico visit, Trump outlines hardline position on illegal immigration

  4. NBC Latino
    NBC Latino: Trump: Hardline approach in Arizona after 'thoughtful' mtg in Mexico by @alivitali and @MAlexJohnson


  1. Good Morning America
    Good Morning America: Fossils in Greenland suggest there was life on Earth 220M years before scientists thought:

  2. Slate
    Slate: The lasting damage of fake documentaries like Mermaids: The Body Found:

  3. CNNTech
    CNNTech: .@POTUS will guest edit the November issue of @WIRED: via @sfiegerman

  4. Tom Holkenborg


  1. National Review
    National Review: The logic of Facebook's censoring: Supporting vaccines brings a reprimand, but not calling for genocide

  2. Esquire
    Esquire: Earth Is Warming Faster Than It Has In 1,000 Years, According to NASA

  3. National Review
    National Review: Facebook Is Censoring Science and Journalism

  4. The New York Times
    The New York Times: What some call a "Ring of Fire" eclipse will appear above parts of Africa on Thursday