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  1. Joshua Landis
    Joshua Landis: A new map of the Middle East based on who controls what territory, as opposed to the official boundaries

  2. Russ
    Russ: Middle East : We been tryna come to all the other countries but all the promoters everywhere else have been fucking…

  3. Maryam Rajavi
    Maryam Rajavi: Maryam Rajavi addresses the French National Assembly #Iran

Virtual Reality

  1. Space Visor #VR Headset Offers Virtual Tour of Space Artifacts, @Space_Station via @collectSPACE

  2. Bloomberg
    Bloomberg: Mark Zuckerberg denies claims that the technology for the Oculus Rift was stolen

  3. The New York Times
    The New York Times: Mark Zuckerberg, making a rare court appearance, testified that Oculus didn't steal technology to make VR headsets

  4. Andrej Karpathy
    Andrej Karpathy: Wrote up some thoughts on VR (long interest of mine) in a blog post: "Virtual Reality: still not quite there, again"

US Election 2016

  1. ABC News
    ABC News: Tiffany says sales at 5th Avenue store dropped 14% at end of 2016, partly due to "post-election traffic disruptions…

  2. XXL Magazine

  3. Senator Chris Coons
    Senator Chris Coons: (1/2) Today I joined @JudiciaryDems to call on nominee for AG Sen Sessions not to block investigations into Russian hacking of 2016 election

  4. Stephen Miller
    Stephen Miller: Dems / Media - "Wikileaks is an enemy of the state and Russian front who helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election" Obama - "Watch this"


  1. edutopia
    edutopia: 4 teacher-approved digital tools that can enhance formative assessment:

  2. Reuters Top News
    Reuters Top News: Oil majors, car makers to push hydrogen technology to help cut emissions

  3. Microsoft
    Microsoft: We're partnering with @WEMovement to help schools and communities become more inclusive through technology.…

  4. Bloomberg
    Bloomberg: Mark Zuckerberg denies claims that the technology for the Oculus Rift was stolen


  1. The Independent
    The Independent: UK Antarctic base to go into shutdown because of huge crack in ice

  2. Madelaine Petsch

  3. Ars Technica
    Ars Technica: Under Tom Price’s ACA-killing plan, 18M lose insurance and premiums rise by @BethMarieMole

  4. National Geographic
    National Geographic: More than 13,000 feet under the sea, scientists have found a volcanic wonderland unlike any other place on Earth