TOP news

  1. Senator Tim Kaine
    Senator Tim Kaine: War in Middle East continues to expand & Congress refuses to debate an AUMF. This must change w/new Admin in place

    LINKIN PARK: Meet us in Chile or Peru by helping @musicforrelief provide food, water and medical aid in East Africa:…

  3. Leighton Woodhouse
    Leighton Woodhouse: Here's our isolationist non-interventionist President who would keep us out of Killary's wars.…

Virtual Reality

  1. Wall Street Journal
    Wall Street Journal: Palmer Luckey, Facebook's virtual reality boy wonder, is leaving the company

  2. Ali Spagnola
    Ali Spagnola: Wanna party with me in virtual reality?!?!? I put you in the center of my concert!! (It works in 3D with Cardboard!)

  3. Stanford Medicine
    Stanford Medicine: Pediatric cardiologists bring virtual reality to @StanfordChild:

  4. Samsung Mobile
    Samsung Mobile: Amazing new virtual experiences and a motion controller let you interact like never before. #UnboxYourPhone

US Election 2016

  1. Common Cause
    Common Cause: To ensure Americans get the full truth on the Russian interference in the 2016 election, here is what we need:…

  2. Newsweek
    Newsweek: Russian foreign minister says the Obama administration brainwashed Americans about Moscow's influence on elections…

  3. Matt Taibbi
    Matt Taibbi: Funny, because Dick Morris said it was revenge for Bill Clinton's aid to Boris Yeltsin in the 1996 election:…

  4. NBS Television
    NBS Television: Besigye: We won the 2016 election. We failed to contest the results because I was under illegal detention…


  1. CNNTech
    CNNTech: In case you were hoping for President Trump to save your Internet privacy:

  2. United Nations
    United Nations: 8 ways that technology is reshaping the future of humanitarian response – @UNOCHA

  3. The Hill
    The Hill: Internet users raise more than $200,000 to buy lawmakers' browsing histories in protest

  4. Daily Kos
    Daily Kos: Trump empties science and technology offices—because who needs that stuff?


  1. Washington Post
    Washington Post: NASA astronauts lose key piece of ISS shield, and now it’s floating free in space

  2. Cheddar
    Cheddar: #SpaceX attempts to launch reusable Falcon 9 from NASA's Kennedy Space Center. #CheddarLIVE #GoLive

  3. NASA
    NASA: After 17 years & 180,000 images, our Earth Observing-1 satellite mission ends today. Celebrate it's success with us…

  4. Chris Packham
    Chris Packham: Do you know someone who stands up for science? Nominate them for this year’s @senseaboutsci #MaddoxPrize